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Analytically Speaking Featuring Douglas Montgomery

Douglas Montgomery

People have been running experiments for a long time. But in the 1980s, it was difficult to gain approval for DOE proposals. "This was a blind spot that hit our field,” DOE expert Douglas Montgomery says. “I think a lot of academic statisticians of that era didn't get out into the field. They didn't get out and talk to industry; they didn't get out and talk to users."

On the table for discussion: 
  • The four eras of DOE.
  • The impact of technology improvements.
  • Constructing designs that reflect uncertainty in the model.
  • How DOE has become more accessible and useful to engineers and scientists.       
  • Why several editions of his book Design and Analysis of Experiments have grapes on the cover.

Expertise: engineering, statistics, design of experiments, process monitoring and optimization, analysis of time-oriented data

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