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Analytically Speaking Featuring Howard Wainer

Howard Wainer

Howard Wainer was a student of John Tukey and has applied statistical thinking to wide-ranging problems in the areas of medicine and education. He is an expert in statistics and data visualization, and he communicates about both topics in a clear and approachable manner. He talks about creating graphs with your audience in mind and the importance of using words rather than math to talk about statistics.

On the table for discussion:
  • What it was like to be a student of John Tukey.
  • Thinking like a statistician – and why you’ll never go back once you start.
  • Turning weakly good graphs into strongly good graphs.
  • Why it doesn’t pay to get results before you're ready.
  • How to tell better stories with data.

Expertise: data visualization, graphical methods for data analysis and communication, robust statistical methodology, generalizations of item response theory, testlet response theory

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