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Analytically Speaking Featuring Russ Wolfinger, Kelci Miclaus and Richard Zink

JMP Life Sciences Team

Russ Wolfinger, Director of Scientific Discovery and Genomics at SAS, leads an R&D team working on JMP® software solutions for genomics and clinical research. Research and Development Manager Kelci Miclaus and Principal Research Statistician Developer Richard Zink are expert members of this team. Together they are conducting core research that enables the greater scientific community and promotes a better life for all.

On the table for discussion:
  • Checking the quality of all sequencing technology platforms for the US government.
  • Why people don’t use more predictive modeling for discovery and predictive outcomes.
  • The key to efficient data review.
  • The best types of graphical and statistical analyses for identifying fraud in clinical trials.
  • How analyses from other disciplines strengthen their research.

Expertise: statistics, genomics and clinical research, predictive modeling, fraud detection, risk-based monitoring, clinical trials

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