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Analytically Speaking Featuring José Ramírez and Brenda Ramírez

Brenda Ramírez and José G. Ramírez

Award-winning authors Brenda Ramírez and José G. Ramírez discuss how traditional quality techniques – when updated with the latest advances in analytics and data visualization – can help you gain new insights about processes, products and services.

On the table for discussion:
  • Evaluating the performance of a new raw material for an existing component.
  • Establishing a calibration curve for instrumentation.
  • Comparing the performance of several materials using a quality characteristic of interest.
  • Communicating your findings to management and colleagues.
  • Finding the synergy between quality and reliability.

Expertise: statistical engineering for new product development through manufacturing, quality improvement, process control, process stability metrics, design and analysis of experiments (including multi-step process experiments), response surface methodology, evaluating the measurement process, nonlinear modeling, collaborative education

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