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Analytically Speaking Featuring Russ Wolfinger

Russ Wolfinger

Data science competitions are an excellent way to crowdsource ideas to solve some of the most complicated and pressing problems. They are open to data scientists around the world who want to lend their expertise and develop their skills in the process. Russ Wolfinger, JMP Director of Scientific Discovery and Genomics at SAS, competes frequently. He talks about the variety of commercial, scientific and social challenges out there, and ways to find the best statistical approaches to solve them.

On the table for discussion:
  • The fields that will benefit from the results.
  • Trying new algorithms to see which may be good candidates to implement in JMP software.
  • When it pays to take advantage of multiple tools.
  • Competitions as academic and recruitment tools.
  • Advice for those who want to enter.

Expertise: statistical modeling, data science competitions, life sciences

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