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Analytically Speaking Featuring Sig Mejdal

Sig Mejdal

Houston Astros Director of Decision Sciences Sig Mejdal creates analytics-based decision aids that assist decision makers in the evaluation of players. He says it is important to understand the expectancies and variability relevant to a particular decision – in short, maximizing your output in an uncertain world. Lessons from his experiences on data exploration, analytics and innovation can be applied to many fields beyond baseball. Mejdal will discuss challenges that any analyst may face, including synthesizing quantitative and qualitative information and making use of all the data – regardless of its source – in the most appropriate manner.

On the table for discussion:
  • His career path from NASA engineer to baseball quant.
  • The Moneyball influence.
  • The importance of using the right decision aids.
  • How to influence culture to make people more receptive to data.
  • Scout and coach reactions to using analytics as a recruitment tool.

Expertise: statistics, sports analytics, engineering, decision aids, data exploration

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