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Analytically Speaking Featuring Walter Paczkowski

Walter Paczkowski

According to Walter Paczkowski, founder of Data Analytics Corp., sophisticated market researchers do more than just report means and percentages. They look for relationships across a series of survey questions. They use powerful, dynamic tools to explore their data to extract insights for clients. Paczkowski advocates that market researchers should know the tools of the trade, understand research approaches and their limitations, and be aware of the right ways to get study respondents to reveal their opinions.

On the table for discussion:
  • The challenges of using observational data.
  • Moving from spreadsheets to design of experiments and high-powered analytics.
  • Discrete choice modeling for revealing true preferences.
  • Testing different scenarios to identify the best price for a product.
  • Data visualization lessons from Tukey and Tufte.

Expertise: consumer and market research, discrete choice modeling, economics, econometrics

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