Analytically Speaking

Questioning the Numbers of Everyday Life

With David Spiegelhalter

Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter is working to improve the public understanding of risk and elevate the discussion on how quantitative evidence is portrayed in society. Spiegelhalter says we should own up to the judgments we make during analysis and advocates for transparency throughout the statistics process. “The ability to assess the trustworthiness of statistical claims seems a key skill in the modern world,” says Spiegelhalter. That’s why he wrote The Art of Statistics: Learning From Data, to empower people to question the numbers that they encounter in their everyday life.

In this video:
    • Owning up to the judgments we make during the statistics process.
    • The concept of the micro-life.
    • Quantifying bias.
    • The difference between data visualization and infographics.
    • How (and why) we should communicate uncertainty.