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Visualizing Response Surfaces

Visualizing Response Surfaces


Join John Sall, creator of JMP software and co-founder of SAS, to explore the benefits of interactive data visualization on response surface modeling.

Main Course

For years, researchers have relied on response surface methodology to help improve products and services – and even golf swings. Using a case study from the chemical industry, Sall will demonstrate how to:

  • Use several profilers to get a dynamic picture of response surfaces.
  • Find optimal factor settings across multiple responses.
  • Visualize feasible regions in multivariate factor space.
  • Conduct simulation-based robust process engineering.

Sweet Treat

Finally, you’ll learn practical strategies for using the data you have to better anticipate the future, capture opportunities and avoid risks. Whether you’re seeking an analytics-based competitive strategy for your operational staff or are in search of analytics best practices, this webcast is for you.

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