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Customers Talk with Phil Kay, Fujifilm

Customers Talk with Phil Kay, Fuji Film

Exploring the Numerator and Denominator of Process Capability: Using Visual Analytics, Design of Experiments and Monte Carlo Simulation to Better Understand our Ability to Make High-Quality Products

Fujifilm Imaging Colorants is a world leader in the development and supply of high-performance colourants for the digital printing market. In order to maintain this position, our technology and processes must be ever-more sophisticated. At the same time, our customers demand high quality and consistency in our products. Both of these factors could be expected to put downward pressure on our ability to produce material that meets specification.

The process capability index quantifies this and, in its simplest form, is the ratio of the width of the specification "window" to the variability of the process. A supplier wants a big numerator and small denominator as this equates to high capability. Setting realistic specifications and understanding process variability are therefore critical to the success of any manufacturing organisation.

Specifications sometimes need to be agreed upon at the early stages of the development/manufacturing project when representative data is often sparse. I will show you how we use analysis and visualisation tools in JMP® to maximise the information that we can get from the available data, improving communication of the facts so that better decisions can be made with the implications understood by all parties.

The factors determining the properties of our final product are typically complex with many important interactions at play. I will show you how, with JMP’s Custom Design platform, we can experimentally identify the most influential process factors and how the Monte Carlo simulator allows us to determine the optimum conditions to minimise process variability.

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