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Kaiser Fung: Discover What’s Hiding in Your Data With Exploratory Data Analysis

Fung, Kaiser

If you’re looking to learn more about exploratory data analysis (EDA), look no further than noted author, blogger and business analytics expert Kaiser Fung. Download this on-line recording, and Fung will explain how to find a story in a raw data set—to figure out which variables matter most and which relationships provide the most valuable insights for your organisation.

A master data visualiser, as his hit blog Junk Charts shows, Fung will demonstrate how a graphical approach to data is a critical part of EDA. Data visualization—when done right—can transform not only the way you present results to colleagues and other stakeholders in your organization, but also the way you explore and analyze the data itself.

In this recording, Fung will present a series of cross-industry case studies that will showcase the ways in which exploratory data analysis enables you to get the most out of your data.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify the relationships and correlations in your data set that have implications for your work.
  • Design the methodology that best fits the data you have available.
  • Turn exploratory data analysis from a job requirement to a professional advantage.

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