Unlocking the Power of Graph Builder

Presenter: Alisa Hunt-Lowery

Building and Customizing Waterfall Plots and Line Graphs

See how to:

  • Build Waterfall Plots (clinical trial subject tumor volume example)
    • Order information ascending and descending   
    • Modify axis setting for scale, label, ticks and reference lines
    • Add and modify bar (row) colors
    • Select and deselect variables      
    • Specify Value Order·        
    • Use gallery palette to change graph type        
    • Use jitter to help see overlapping points·        
    • Label/unlabel particular points in graph        
    • Add boxplots for continuous variables·        
    • Use and interpret violin contour plots        
    • Modify fill color and patterns       
    • Nest categorical variables
    • Swap Axes       
    • Use Overlay Zone to  overlay two graphs in same space 
  • Build Line Graphs (US housing data)
    • Use Group X, Group Y, Wrap and Page zones
      • Cluster information
        • Create trellis display of line graphs and then save information from the graph into a data table that displays graphs
          • Use Wrap zone to display clusters in sections of one graph window
            • Use Page zone to display clusters on separate graphs
              • Highlight selective data using Legend


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