Root-cause Analysis in Electrical Yield: A Semiconductor Case Study  

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Advantages of Bootstrap Forest for Yield Analysis

Advantages of Bootstrap Forest for Yield Analysis: Case 2, Correlation Between EWS and PT Parameters

The world of the semiconductor industry is forcing manufacturers to achieve significant reductions in time to market. As a result, every step in the manufacturing process needs to be completed in less time while maintaining a high level of control and quality.

Given the significant quantity of data collected at every stage of a manufacturing lot and the sometimes-limited statistics available to describe the problem, traditional techniques are not always adequate forresolving the issues faced by the yield engineer.

This video demonstrates a case study from the white paper: Advantages of Bootstrap Forest for Yield Analysis. The example uses partitioning techniques in JMP® Pro, namely bootstrap forest, for root-cause analysis of variation in electrical yield detected during semiconductor wafer manufacturing.

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