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Triskaidekaphilia: Introducing JMP® 13

JMP creator John Sall gives a tour of the new versions of JMP and JMP Pro at Discovery Summit at SAS world headquarters.

Triskaidekaphilia: Introducing JMP 13

Triskaidekaphilia. It means “love of the number 13.” With the release of JMP 13, we've made this word meaningful. John Sall, SAS co-founder and chief architect of JMP, gives a tour of some of the feature highlights in the new release.

See how you will spend less time assembling and preparing your data and more time digging deeper into the hidden possibilities your data holds.

  • Bring data together more easily with JMP Query Builder and linked tables (virtual joins).
  • Analyze text data with the new Text Explorer.
  • Simplify searches of large-scale production data reports with Process Screening.
  • Contemplate which designs are better at producing the effects you want with Compare Designs.
  • Get new power from consumer research with MaxDiff.
  • Find new flexibility when clustering categorical variables or clustering variables instead of rows with Latent Class Analysis.

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