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How to Save Time With Repeatable Analyses

Repeatable Analyses

There may be times when you want to automate your analyses – for instance, when you have data that is periodically updated and you need to create interim reports. It is possible to automate the entire analytic life cycle, including data import, data cleaning, visualization, statistical analysis and reporting. This enables you to easily spread the use of analytics throughout your organization, wherever data is available and data-driven decisions are needed.

JMP lets you automate your favorite analyses and customize reports with a small initial effort, leading to great time savings.

In this webcast case study, a biotech company is dosing mice with different treatments and watching their weight change over time. The company sets up visualization and analysis so that any time the data are updated, the reports are updated too.

Viewers will learn:
  • Suitable situations for automation and scripting.
  • How to capture scripts for each analysis without writing code.
  • The different levels of automation that are possible in JMP, from simple to complex.

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