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Tackling Unstructured Data With Text Exploration

Tackling Unstructured Data With Text Exploration

Unstructured data comes in many forms: non-conformances, product complaints, maintenance reports, customer feedback, and even employee satisfaction surveys. Until recently, however, finding an efficient way to analyze this data presented a real challenge. Learn about the new advanced text exploration capabilities available that let you quickly extract insights from text-based data.

In this webcast, you will discover how to use a platform to organize unstructured data in a way which allows you to see the linkages between word usage and document of origin.

You'll also walk away with a better understanding of how:

  • a word cloud allows you to visualize word frequency in a way that makes clear the prevailing themes in any given unstructured data set.
  • to manipulate the importance (or weight) placed on each term in the matrix and explore the themes that are most relevant to your organization using topic extraction.
  • to surface systemic problems across multiple sites by generating a Clustering Documents report.


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