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1:00 - 2:30 p.m ET

Don’t underestimate the power of dashboards for effectively communicating your data discoveries.

Well-designed dashboards help you get from data to decision quickly and to effectively communicate insights so your organization can take appropriate action. Dashboards provide quick views on the key information that scientists and engineers need so they can make informed decisions and convey their findings to others. They allow you to sift through information and make decisions on the spot. Dashboards powered by a full suite of linear and nonlinear modeling tools let you cut through the noise of messy, overly complex data – a challenge we all face.

Join us for discussions about the power of effectively built dashboards and how they convey insights or solutions to decision makers concisely and provide a heads-up display that consistently shows patterns in your data. We’ll briefly address the pains of data access and cleanup, and the benefits of automating your analyses so you can discover interesting patterns and trends. We’ll also cover the advantages of dashboards for collaborating across divisions as a fully data-driven organization.

Featured Keynote

Nick Desbarats

Nick Desbarats

Independent Educator and Author, Data Visualization and Dashboard Design, Practical Reporting

Nick Desbarats is an independent data visualization and dashboard design educator and consultant. He is the first and only educator authorized by Stephen Few to teach his foundational workshops and has trained thousands of professionals in a dozen countries at organizations such as NASA, Bloomberg and the United Nations. He is the author of the forthcoming Practical Dashboards.

Panel Discussion

With the right tools for dashboard building and data analysis, you can standardize and streamline workflows, and make customized, repeatable analyses – leaving you with more time to explore ideas and experiment. Throughout the process, dashboards provide shared views of interactive data visualizations, giving people across your organization access to emerging key findings. Hear examples from cutting-edge organizations during a discussion with:

  • Nick Desbarats, Practical Reporting
  • Aurora Tiffany-Davis, SAS
  • Alex Pamatat, NXP Semiconductors

What will you learn?

This event is for scientists and engineers who need better ways to share discoveries and communicate results with decision makers and nontechnical audiences.

You'll gain a better understanding of:

  • The role of dashboards in the analytics workflow.
  • How to get to the right data set – and the right subset – to answer the question at hand.
  • Moving beyond a table of p values, static reports and summary presentations.
  • Ways to make your graphical analyses and routines repeatable.
  • How to communicate model results with effective statistical visualization techniques.
  • Best practices for dashboard building that you can apply to your data analysis today.
  • The key guidelines for using dashboards to effectively communicate with decision makers.

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