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1:00 - 2:30 p.m. ET

How can we use purpose-driven analytics to create a life worth living?

At the turn of every new year, many of us take the time to ponder our goals and resolutions for self-improvement. And many of us consider ways we can give back to our communities and our world.

In many arenas, people are finding ways to apply analytic methods to some of the world’s most pressing issues – conservation, sustainability, health care, education and social justice, to name a few. With data and a sense of purpose, there’s so much potential to enrich the lives of others, preserve our planet and innovate to meet future challenges we can’t yet fathom.

Join us for a presentation about how scientists are using data to help people align with their life’s purpose, followed by a panel discussion featuring analysts from many different fields who are maximizing data and their analytics expertise to make the world a better place.  

Featured Keynote

Vic Strecher

Vic Strecher

Professor and Behavioral Scientist, University of Michigan School of Public Health

Vic Strecher is the author of Life on Purpose, which examines the science and philosophy of purpose in life and ways to develop and align with one’s purpose. He is founder and CEO of Kumanu, an app that fuses AI and machine learning, the latest behavior-changing and habit-forming models, and real-time predictive decision support to help people and organizations find meaning in work and purpose in life. He’ll talk about his lofty mission to use data and predictive modeling to guide people striving to live up to their core values and goals. 

Panel Discussion

Meet these analytics experts who also happen to be change agents in their fields. We’ll talk about what happens when your analytics work aligns with a passion, how predictive models and data visualization can solve a variety of intractable problems, and the great responsibility that comes with having access to data and the know-how to do something with it. You’ll hear from:

  • Timothy Gardner, Founder and CEO, Riffyn
  • Ayana Littlejohn, Senior Associate Analytical Consultant, SAS
  • Anderson Mayfield, Assistant Scientist, NOAA/University of Miami
  • Vic Strecher, Author, Life on Purpose

What will you learn?

These analytics experts embrace mission-driven analytics. They are interested in using a variety of methods to study important topics and to make decisions that will have a positive impact on our world. 

You'll gain a better understanding of:

  • Experimental studies on the effects of a purpose-driven life on behavior and well-being.
  • The benefits of approaching learning with a greater purpose in mind.
  • Blending machine learning, AI and habit-forming models to influence behavior.
  • Ways to explore unstructured data.
  • How to find important relationships in your data.
  • The potential of structured experimentation to transform science.
  • Building momentum and support for data-driven decision making in any field.
  • Predictive modeling for conservation management.
  • Applying analytics to social innovation initiatives addressing inequality.
  • And more.

Meet the Speakers

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