Market Research: From Data to Insights



1:00 - 2:30 p.m ET

Do you want to answer crucial market research questions?

From introducing new products or services to positioning, branding, advertising, segmentation and promotion, the organizations that take a data-driven approach to consumer and market research are in the best position to meet – or even shape – their customers’ needs.

Join us for a discussion about using data and analytic methods for consumer and market research, including text analysis, designed experiments, uplift modeling, structural equation models and data visualization to develop a better understanding of who your current and potential customers are and what they really want.

Featured Keynote

Roselinde Kessels

Roselinde Kessels

Assistant Professor of Statistics, Department of Data Analytics and Digitalization, Maastricht University

Roselinde Kessels specializes in discrete choice experiments, experimental design, choice modeling and (health) econometrics. During the COVID-19 pandemic, discrete choice experiments have been a very popular questionnaire instrument to report on people’s preferences for various aspects of new products or policy programs, such as the upcoming vaccines against COVID-19 or who to prioritize for vaccination.

Throughout her career, Kessels has consulted in the public and private sector, and published in many leading journals such as Health Economics, Social Science & Medicine, Value in Health, Energy Policy, Transportation Research Parts A-B-E, Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, Journal of Choice Modelling and Journal of Marketing Research. 

Panel Discussion

While we all have rapidly evolving digital technologies and a lot of data at our fingertips, that’s not enough. Core business issues endure: We must find the most profitable growth opportunities, develop the best products and services, take the best marketing action and maximize cross-business impact. Hear examples from cutting-edge organizations during a discussion with:

  • Roselinde Kessels, Maastricht University
  • Laura Castro-Schilo, SAS
  • Elizabeth Knapp, Avon Products

What will you learn?

The companies that invest in state-of-the-art consumer and market research and use the insights gained to inform decisions will be the ones to delight customers, build lasting brands and increase market share. 

You'll gain a better understanding of:

  • Ways to understand your customers’ needs and preferences.
  • How to glean information from unstructured text data like consumer feedback, surveys and product complaints.
  • Sentiment analysis and its applications.
  • Designing experiments for market research.
  • Ideas for making the most of the data you already have.
  • The power of data visualization for exploring what-if scenarios.
  • Tips for presenting results to people with different levels of analytics knowledge.

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