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Lucky people are those who pay attention to patterns and maintain a healthy curiosity. And JMP is made for just this sort of person. JMP is for the inquisitive. For those who understand that real answers to real problems are there in the data, if only someone would use the right software to take a look. If you don’t think you’re inherently lucky, don’t despair. The feature stories here demonstrate that luck isn’t something that happens to you. It’s something you make. From scientists at the San Diego Zoo to engineers at W. L. Gore, these pages are full of people who have determined their destiny with wise choices.

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The luck of 13

John Sall, SAS co-founder and Executive Vice President, is confident that JMP 13 will improve your luck by giving you everything you need to make serendipitous discoveries.

My journey with JMP®: Peanuts to P&G leadership

What do peanuts, cookies and diapers have in common? Tom Lange, a retired R&D director from P&G, shares how he has used JMP to optimize products and influence decision makers.

How to negotiate experiment size when choosing a design

By exploring alternative design sizes, Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Christine Anderson-Cook positions herself to ask for more resources.

A health screening for your processes

The quality doctor is in! José G. Ramírez outlines how to give your processes a checkup.

Tomorrow is a brand new day: Text analytics in JMP® 13

Text data is typically unruly and difficult to analyze. But it can be done. Adsurgo’s Heath Rushing introduces the new Text Explorer.

Protocol compliance oversight in clinical studies

Every drug developer has a regulatory – and ethical – requirement to manage the risks and benefits of clinical studies. Chimerix Medical Director Enrikas Vainorius on JMP Clinical for FDA compliance.

Making sense of sensor data

With the internet of things, sensor data abounds. Daniel Valente and Shannon Conners on why JMP is the ideal sandbox for sifting through this data.


Announcing JMP® 13

The power of Pro


It’s survival analysis – literally

Scientists at the San Diego Zoo use analytics to give the burrowing owl its best chance to make a comeback.

Optimizing DOE for optimal product design

From tactical military shelters to waterproof jackets, W. L. Gore is the innovator behind the technology.

Changing the complexion of analytics

JMP is a clear choice for Nu Skin’s promotional analysts, who have a wide range of language and technical skills.

Data analysis helps track patients in the HIV care continuum

An epidemiologist with the Colorado Department of Public Health finds those living with HIV/AIDS to avoid lapses in medical care.

The Beijing Aquarium finds clarity in analytics

Engineers optimize water quality conditions for a pod of beluga whales – and decrease energy use in the process.

From scraps to interface in six weeks

Medical device manufacturer Fresenius develops a tool for a complete, real-time picture of what’s happening on the shop floor.

Pioneering scientific analysis

An exploration geologist uses cluster analysis to find high-nugget gold deposits.

Data-driven Quality by Design boosts drug development

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma seeks to offer state-of-the-art drugs that aren’t cost-prohibitive.

Closing the skills gap

Cal Poly prepares graduates to keep pace in the age of big data.

Analytics cures a giant headache

Macfarlan Smith eases recurring processing pains and applies similar analyses to other projects.

Mining big data propels increased product miniaturization

Murata, a major supplier of high-end electronic components, champions data mining to achieve big process improvements.

Navigating road safety improvements

An industrial engineer at North Carolina State University studies ways to reduce car crashes caused by driver distraction.

Design of experiments brings order to the research cycle

Arlenda helps its pharmaceutical clients apply statistics from discovery to manufacturing.

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