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Making consumer products are as complex as any processes you will find in industry.  Designing billion-dollar brands is multifaceted and requires well-defined processes that minimize costs and maximize speed to market.  Marketing your innovation is dependent on analyzing survey data before, during, and after rollout of a final product. 

JMP data analysis software from SAS enables you to explore your product from concept to the consumer’s home and beyond. Develop studies to learn from root-cause investigations, how to optimize a process through efficiently designed experiments, and better understand consumer sentiment, all using the power of JMP to guide the way.

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“Visualization is the key to everything because this is usually what people understand – particularly in management. They don’t want to deal with numbers. Give them a picture that tells the story instead. It doesn’t have to be the most precise picture; it just has to tell the story that holds the conclusion. This is also where I must say I see there is strength in JMP to deliver those graphics and thoughts. And the interactivity.”

Beatrice Blum | Statistician

JMP Capabilities for the Consumer Products Industry

  • Design of Experiments

    Actively manipulate factors according to a pre-specified design to quickly and easily gain useful, new understanding.

  • Measurement System Analysis

    Analyze and understand the capability of your measurement systems.  Uncover lurking sources of variation.

  • Statistical Process Control

    Separate common and special causes of variation to assist in analyzing your processes, including problem investigation, out-of-control conditions and ongoing monitoring for stability.

  • Survey Response Analysis

    Quickly learn what consumers think about your products.  Import industry standard survey data directly into JMP.

  • Stability and Shelf Life Analysis

    Explore and establish expiration dating and easily calculate confidence limits and crossing times.  ICH adherence guidelines for regulated products are built in.

  • Robust Process Optimization

    Find the sweet spot in your process where performance is minimally sensitive to variation for all critical quality attribute (CQA) goals.

  • Promotional Offering Response Analysis

    Learn what demographic groups respond positively, and maybe more important, negatively to promotional product offerings for better targeted offerings in the future.

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