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Design of Experiments

Designed experiments for more understanding and maximum impact.

  • Understand cause and effect using the power of statistically designed experiments — even when you have limited resources.
  • Design efficient experiments to meet your real-world constraints, process limitations, and budget with the Custom Designer.
  • Use a Definitive Screening Design to help you untangle important effects when considering many factors.
From the beginning, we were able to quantify how much value DOE adds for us. We were using DOE in several internal cases and we were able to quantify our savings of at least 50% of the time and resources. In some cases it was even 70%.

Pilar Gomez Jimenez
Principal Scientist, Johnson Matthey

Design of Experiments With JMP: Highlighted Features

Textbook Designs (Classical Designs)

  • Full factorial
  • Fractional factorial
  • Response surface (RSM)
  • Blocking designs (RCBD, CBD, IBD, RIBD)
  • Split-plot design
  • Strip-plot design
  • Mixture design

Optimal Designs 

  • Custom design
  • Optimality criteria
  • Constrained designs

Screening Designs

  • Definitive screening
  • Fractional factorial

Robust Designs 

  • Taguchi array
  • Taguchi design
  • Noise factor

DOE Concepts  (DOE Techniques)

  • Randomization
  • Replication
  • Center points
  • Blocking
  • Sequential experimentation
  • Augment design 

Special Purpose Designs 

  • Space filling
  • Covering array PRO
  • Choice
  • MaxDiff
  • Nonlinear design

Evaluate Design

  • Design comparison
  • Design explorer
  • Design diagnostics
  • Power
  • Aliasing

The best discoveries start with JMP

JMP data visualization illustration - bubble plot

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