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JMP® Live

Collaborative analytics software for enterprisewide knowledge sharing

Discovery, delivered.
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Discovery, delivered

JMP Live changes how discoveries are shared, amplifying findings that drive a culture of data-driven decisions. JMP Live is the one place to share analyses from JMP to a secure, centralized hub of innovation.

Empower the experts

The experts in your organization use JMP to take on complex problems. Equip them with a solid platform that gives visibility to their solutions and amplifies the impact of their collective discoveries. Aggregating and sharing these findings from multiple sources in JMP Live gives you continuous access to your experts’ insights.

Make decisions with confidence

Reliable decisions require reliable data. JMP Live makes interactive JMP reports and dashboards available to anyone in your organization, even non-JMP users, for confidence in decision alternatives, dependability in decision making, and certainty in solutions.

Enable agile innovation

Agile innovation takes both speed and precision. JMP Live helps you accelerate the process of bringing new and enhanced products to market by removing data silos and allowing your experts to discover, share, and iterate as they go.

JMP Live was the opportunity to break down information silos. It really created that single source of truth and point of reference for everyone to go to and access the most current analysis.

Diana Nadler, Manager of Continuous Improvement Statistics

Don't leave critical business decisions to chance 

Why JMP Live for users

  • Share discoveries with confidence

    Distribute findings quickly and easily with report publishing that fits smoothly into your analysis workflow.

  • Collaborate across the organization

    Get the latest data into the hands of colleagues and management for effective collaboration and decision making.

  • Automate publishing

    Enrich the impact of shared analyses by automating report publishing for the most current results in JMP Live, all the time.

Why JMP Live for your organization

  • Swift problem solving

    Identify robust, workable solutions quickly to outperform the competition.

  • Reliable decision making

    Connect the variety of data available across the organization for a comprehensive foundation to make solid decisions.

  • Maximize the value of your investment

    Give scientists, engineers, and data explorers the tools needed to get their latest findings into the right hands at the right time.


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