JMP® Live

Enterprise-wide collaboration 

Staying competitive in your industry requires speed and precision. The scientists and engineers in your organization are making discoveries rapidly. How do you go from their individual findings to having shared knowledge to inform decisions and drive innovation? When you give your JMP users a platform to contribute and amplify their collective voice, you position your organization to make the most of their insights. With JMP Live, you are always equipped with the right data to innovate and make critical, time-sensitive business decisions.

Help your JMP users amplify their voices and findings across your organization to get the most from your most valuable company resource: the experts who gather and analyze the data every day.

Why JMP Live for your organization

  • Agile product and process innovation

    Speed innovation by removing data silos and bottlenecks, allowing your experts to discover, share and iterate as they go.

  • Swift problem solving

    Identify robust, actionable solutions quickly to outperform the competition.

  • Empowered experts

    Maximize the value of your best investment—your scientists, engineers and data explorers—by getting their latest findings into the right hands at the right time.

  • Reliable decision making

    Connect the variety of data available across the organization for a comprehensive foundation to make solid decisions.

  • New opportunities for the organization

    Create visibility to otherwise hidden data that can reveal new possibilities for innovation.

  • Common language for discussion

    Access statistical visualizations that can transcend barriers of language created by increasingly global workforces.

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