What if you could experiment more efficiently to get the most from your work?

Learn how to accelerate data-driven decision making. Download the Design of Experiments Info Kit.

World-class manufacturing organizations rely on design of experiments (DOE) to understand and address the complex problems that pose major challenges to quality improvement and bottom-line savings. DOE can help you determine which process changes are most likely to yield the greatest gains.

Use this complimentary Design of Experiments Info Kit to:

  • See how to accelerate decision making from data and reduce risk throughout your product life cycle.
  • Learn easy and effective ways to manage data, see and model patterns, and explore improvement opportunities most efficiently.
  • Communicate results visually and effect change management.

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The kit includes:

Introductory DOE Webinar

Analytically Speaking Featuring Bradley Jones and Chris Nachtsheim

Thought leaders Bradley Jones of SAS and Chris Nachtsheim of the University of Minnesota discuss their perspective on DOE, including their award-winning definitive screening designs.

Mastering JMP Webinar

Design of Experiments: Using Definitive Screening Designs to Get More Information from Fewer Trials

This recorded webinar introduces definitive screening designs and shows how JMP yields more information in fewer trials than traditional screening designs.

Book Chapter

A Response Surface Design in Blocks

From the book, Optimal DOE: A Case Study Approach

Conversational case studies show how to make a design match the process or system under study using available resources – and still optimize the information obtained from the experiment.

Customer Story

BASF finds the secret to cleaner dishes and waterways

Read how JMP® helped chemists find an agent that replicates the cleansing properties of environmentally harmful phosphates in dish detergents.

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