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October 2019

Publishing to JMP Public requires JMP 15 or later. Get JMP 15 to publish to JMP Public.

Supported browser: JMP Public is fully supported on Google Chrome only.

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Sharing your data

JMP Public is your platform for sharing JMP data, visualizations and dashboards. Prepare your reports in JMP and publish them to JMP Public to share your results with the world. JMP Public offers the visual interactivity of JMP to explore your data, and lets you:

Anyone viewing your reports has the interactive capabilities of JMP to explore your data.

How to Publish

Publishing to JMP Public requires JMP 15 or later. To publish your reports:

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Please note: Reports published to JMP Public are public. Please do not publish any proprietary data.

How to View

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Providing Feedback

We look forward to hearing from you. To submit feedback:

Want to bring the functionality of JMP Public to your organization in a private and secure environment? JMP Live lets you do that.

JMP Live is the enabling technology behind JMP Public. You can use JMP Live in your organization to share data with your colleagues and collaborators privately and securely. Find out how your organization can use JMP Live at jmp.com/live.

Note: JMP Public at public.jmp.com requires acceptance of the terms of use for JMP Public. Publishing to JMP Public requires acceptance of terms and conditions found in the JMP Software License Agreement.