Using JMP

Opening JMP and Getting Started

Create a new data table, open a data tables, and find help within JMP.

JMP features demonstrated:

File > New > Data Table. File > Open. JMP Starter. Help.

Importing Data from Excel

Bringing data into JMP from Excel

JMP features demonstrated:

JMP Starter, Data Table, Paste with Column Names

Importing Text Files

How to import text files (.txt, .csv, .dat, or .tsv) into JMP.

JMP features demonstrated:

Text import methods, import using Data Preview

JMP Tools

Overview of JMP Tools and the JMP toolbar.

JMP features demonstrated:

Arrow (cursor), Help (question mark), Selection Tool (fat plus) and more

JMP Data Tables

This page gives information on the structure, components and information contained in JMP data tables.

JMP features demonstrated:

Tables panel, Columns panel, Rows panel, Data grid

JMP Tables Menu

Tables menu functions, summarizing data.

JMP features demonstrated:

Tables Menu, Summary

Creating Formulas in JMP

This page describes two methods for creating formulas in JMP. Formulas are used to create transformed or derived variables using built-in functions, constants and/or existing variables.

JMP features demonstrated:

Formula Editor, Virtual Columns

Saving JMP Results

Copying and pasting JMP output, saving your work using JMP Scripts.

JMP features demonstrated:

Selection tool, JMP scripts

Saving Publication Quality Graphics with JMP

Saving JMP output as high-resolution graphics suitable for publication.

JMP features demonstrated:

Selection tool, Exporting, JMP Preferences

Sharing Resulting on JMP Public

Sharing Analysis Results that can be viewed and interacted with outside of JMP. 

JMP features demonstrated:

File > Publish

Navigating JMP in Windows

Navigating the JMP Windows Interface.

JMP features demonstrated:

Home Window, arrange windows, accessing Menus, and setting preferences

Excel Add In I (Passing Data to JMP)

Transfer data from an Excel worksheet into a JMP data table or launch basic JMP analysis platforms (Windows only).

JMP features demonstrated:

Import data into JMP, or launch Analyze > Distribution or Graph > Graph Builder from Excel

Excel Add In II (Profiling Excel Models in JMP)

Visualize and explore Excel Models in JMP using the Prediction Profiler (Windows only).

JMP features demonstrated:

Launch Graph > Profiler from Excel.

Add-In Builder

Create custom menus and easily distribute JMP scripts, applications, data tables and more.

JMP features demonstrated:

File > New > Add-In (or File > New > Add-In on the Mac)

JMP Teaching Tools

An overview of interactive tools for exploring and teaching statistical concepts

JMP features demonstrated:

Tools under Help > Sample Data > Teaching Resources