Advantages of Bootstrap Forest for Yield Analysis

By Youssef Baltagi, STMicroelectronics Rousset
and Florence Kussener, SAS

The world of the semiconductor industry is becoming increasingly competitive and forcing manufacturers to achieve significant reductions in time to market. As a result, every step in the manufacturing process needs to be completed in less time while maintaining a high level of control and quality.

Given the significant quantity of data collected at every stage of a manufacturing lot and the sometimes-limited statistics available to describe the problem, traditional techniques are not always adequate for resolving the issues faced by the yield engineer. This paper will delve into a number of practical ways to make use of partitioning techniques to address these challenges through two case studies.

The first involves using partitioning for root-cause identification in the case of a loss of electrical yield that is not detected during the manufacturing process; the second examines a variation in electrical yield detected during manufacturing.

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