Specifying Trait Selection Criteria for Marker Simulation

This guide shows you how to specify the criteria used to select the desired progeny using the Marker Simulation platform.

The selection criteria, or Spec Limits, must be applied to the predictor formula columns corresponding to the specific trait columns for which the criteria are designed, not the trait columns themselves.

This example uses the Genotypes Pedigree.jmp table found in the Sample Data folder (Help > Sample Data Folder > Life Sciences).

8      Open the wide table containing the marker and trait information and predictor formulas.
8      Examine the values in the Trait1 column. Determine the value desired.

When you do not know a priori a threshold value for selection, examine the values in the predictor formula column and choose a reasonable threshold. You can use the Distribution platform or the Data Filter (Rows > Data Filter).

8      Right-click on the corresponding predictor formulas column name and select Column Info...

8      Click the Column Properties drop-down menu and select Spec Limits.

8      Enter the Lower limit, upper limit, and/or target value in the appropriate space and click and then .

8      Verify the limit by right-clicking the column name and selecting Column Info.... The specification limit should appear in the Column Properties field.
8      Repeat this procedure for additional traits, as needed.