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Events Incidence Screen
This report screens all events from a domain by performing a Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel exact test on all 2 x 2 tables constructed from event incidence and treatment arm . Output is a table of multiplicity-adjusted p-values , an accompanying volcano plot of relative risk, and a SAS data set of indicator variables that can be used as input for other processes.
Note : This process should be considered as two different processes: DS Incidence Screen and MH Incidence Screen , depending on which domain is specified in the dialog .
Running this report for Nicardipine using default settings for medical history ( MH ) generates the Report window shown below. Refer to Events Incidence Screen requirements description for more information.
Refer to the AE Incidence Screen output description, keeping in mind the following important process differences in contrast with the example:
Output (including tab names) reflects other event (for example, disposition events or medical history terms), rather than adverse event , incidence
You cannot explicitly specify a Group Level from the dialog . Instead, this process automatically searches for the presence of xxBODSYS (or alternatively xxCAT if xxBODSYS is not found) and uses this variable for output organization and filtering.