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Summary Statistics
This report identifies unusual summary statistics across the entire study or by study visit (if requested). This analysis would typically be used on Findings tests representing continuous variables.
Note : JMP Clinical employs a special protocol for data including non-unique Findings test names. Refer to How does JMP Clinical handle non-unique Findings test names? for more information.
Running this process with the Nicardipine sample setting generates the report shown below.
The Report contains the following elements:
Summary Statistics Volcano Plot : Shows a volcano plot used to determine the deviation of a mean or variance for Findings tests at a site versus other sites. Each point represents a single Findings test for a specific site. Here, the x-axis represents the standardized difference in means between each between the site and the reference set (all other sites). For comparisons of variances, the x-axis represents the log2(Ratio of Variances) between the site and the reference set.
Drill Down Buttons
Drill down buttons, provide you with an easy way to drill down into your data. The following drill down buttons are generated by this process:
Show Summary Statistics : Shows the rows of the data table for the selected points from the volcano plot . Clicking opens the following table:
Click to generate a standardized pdf - or rtf -formatted report containing the plots and charts of selected sections.
Click the Options arrow to reopen the completed process dialog used to generate this output.