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Constant Findings
This report identifies tests from findings domains that have the same result for the entire study.
Running Constant Findings for Nicardipine using default settings generates the report shown below.
The Report contains the following elements:
Multiple sections, one for each findings domain, that contain the variable specified by the Analyze: option on the dialog . Data that are summarized are those test codes that are constant throughout the course of the study. For one example of such a tab, see ECG Test Results .
Drill Down Buttons
Drill down buttons provide you with an easy way to drill down into your data. The following action button is generated by this process:
Show Subjects : Select subjects and click to open and subset the underlying data table to the selected subjects.
Click to generate a standardized pdf - or rtf -formatted report containing the plots and charts of selected sections.
Click the Options arrow to reopen the completed process dialog used to generate this output.