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Findings Incidence Report
This process compares distributions of demographic variables across treatment arms via a one-way ANOVA or contingency analysis.
Running this process generates the report shown below:
The Report contains the following elements:
Findings Details : Lists two tables providing details about the number, demographics and distribution of animals among the treatment groups and a high-level summary of the findings.
Data Filter : This enables you to subset subjects based on demographic characteristics, disposition, tissue, and other factors. Refer to Data Filter for more information.
Drill Down Buttons
Drill down buttons, provide you with an easy way to drill down into your data. The following drill down buttons are generated by this process:
Profile Animals : Generates a static report showing the profile(s) for the selected animals. You must first select one or more animals from either the Intergroup Comparison of Pathology Operations table or the Specimen Type Pathology Comparison table and then click to generate the profile..
Note : You must click to view the associated data tables, including the Specimen Type Pathology Comparison table.
Show Animals : Select groups of animals from the Intergroup Comparison of Pathology Operations table or rows from the Specimen Type Pathology Comparison table and click to generate a subset table containing data for the selected animals.
Create Animal Filter : Click to create a filter that can be applied in subsequent analyses to reduce the analyzed animals to only the ones currently selected.
Click to generate a standardized pdf - or rtf -formatted report containing the plots and charts of selected sections.
Click the Options arrow to reopen the completed process dialog used to generate this output.