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Review Builder
When you click Run , the Review Builder process begins by opening the Workflow Builder . The Workflow Builder builds settings files for each process containing the information from the study and reports specified in the Review Builder dialog . Once the setting files are generated and saved, the individual processes in the review are sequentially opened, populated, and run. The results of the processes are saved in both a JMP journal and a JMP Add-in.
The JMP Journal
The JMP journal provides links to the results of each process in the review.
If you are not familiar with the individual processes that are run in this review, consult the specific chapters for those processes for more information. To access the process-specific output documentation:
Bring the Workflow Journal into focus.
Click the Output Description link located on the left-hand side of the Results window.
The JMP Add-in
The JMP Add-in file is a self-contained report of the results of the Review builder process. It provides a convenient method for sharing the review with other users. The name and path to the add-in is listed in JMP Clinical Message window.
To access the add-in, click Open Output Folder .
The output folder opens.
The add-in file can be emailed or otherwise shared with additional users.
To access the review from the add-in:
You are then prompted to install the add-in.
Click Install .
The JMP Journal (shown above opens for immediate review.
Alternatively, you can access the journal at a later time by clicking Reviews and selecting the desired review.