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Duration Time Windows
Use this text field to specify a list of bracketed time values that indicate the various periods and durations of exposure. The analysis then incorporates only those patients whose exposure durations fall into these windows. Data occurring outside of the windows are not included. The resulting report includes the number of patients whose total exposure included these time periods.
Each window must be expressed in the form [s 1 ,e 1 ] [s 2 ,e 2 ] ... where s x is a numeric start time and e x is a numeric end time. The time unit can be days or weeks as specified in the Time Scale parameter. Each time point is relative to the reference start date for each subject.
If a time window consists of a single time unit, you can specify a single numeric value within brackets for that window.
Leave this field blank when patients were exposed for the entire duration of the trial as one large time window.
To Specify a Set of Time Windows:
Select Use Duration Time Windows List as the Duration Time Window Method .
Type the start and end time for each window, enclosed in square brackets ( [] ), within the text field.
For example, if you desire to have three time windows corresponding to days 2-5, 6-10, and 11-20:
Type [2,5] [6,10] [11,20] in the text field, as shown below: