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Output Folder
The Output Folder field is used to specify the location where all output from a process is placed.
Note : The output folder field should be prepopulated with the output folder path for the currently selected study 1 . All processes require that an output folder be specified before running.
WARNING : Changing the Output Folder path for JMP Clinical processes is strongly discouraged . Doing so causes downstream confusion and failures in associating results with the correct studies, adversely affecting your ability to view, organize, package, rename, and delete study results.
To Specify an Output Folder:
The method used for this specification can vary depending on whether JMP is connected to SAS on your local machine or connected to SAS on a server. You should refer to the Specifying Folders, Files, and Data Sets documentation for detailed information.
Note : Except for standard path delimiters used by your operating system, the name of this folder must conform to the Rules for Study Names . The name of the output folder must not contain any of the following special characters: $ % ^ & * ( ) = / \ | ; : ’ “ , < > ?
To View the Contents of the Specified Output Folder:
Click Open .

This is typically C:\Users\ username \Documents\JMPClinical\Output\ name_of_study .