JMP Clinical Main Window | Studies

A study is a collection of input data folders, settings, and an output folder. Specifically, a study consists of a Study Name associated with one or more data set folders (at least one SDTM or SEND Folder or ADaM Folder must be specified) and zero or more settings, along with a unique Output Folder .
Most JMP Clinical processes require that you specify a study before execution. The chosen study is automatically updated with the output data sets created and the setting that is run. A metadata folder for each study provides a central location for tracking all the processes that have been run, in both the _processinfo.sas7bdat data set and the StudyLog.txt file. A notes folder similarly contains study comment files.
Note : Metadata, notes, and other saved settings are stored in your user home folder. In Windows 7, this is typically C:\Users\ <your user name> \AppData\Local\SAS\JMPClinical\12\JMPC\.
See Adding and Manipulating Studies for more information.