JMP Clinical Main Window | Reviews | Generating a New Review

Generating a New Review
Click New Review Template... to open the Review Builder and Select Reports... windows (shown below).
The Select Reports... window lists all of the reports that are available for analyzing the specified study. This window is used to select the reports that are to be included in the review.
Note : Normally, only those reports whose domain/variable requirements are satisfied, and therefore can be run are shown. Check the Show reports unsatisfied by the current study check box to show all reports.
The Review Builder window contains all of the specified reports. There is a separate tab for each report. Initially, each tab lists the options for the analysis. You can accept the default settings or adjust them as desired. After the report(s) is run, results are shown in the tab.
The following drill down buttons 1 are available on the Review Builder to enable you to add or delete reports and run, save, or change the review.
Add Report : Click to add a report to the review.
Open Review Template : Click to open an existing review template.
Save Review Template : Click to save the template for the current review.
Manage Tabs... Click to reorder, duplicate, or delete reports. You can also apply a saved subject filter 2 to all reports in the review.
Run All Reports : Click to run all of the specified reports.
Cancel Run : Click to stop a run that is in progress.
Generate Review : Click to generate the review. Note : You must run all of the reports before you can generate a review.
Create static report for Review : Click to create a PDEF, RTF, or PPT version of the Review.
Clear all report results : Click to clear the results of all of the reports.
You can reports one at a time using the tab-specific drill down button or all at once using .
Additional options include the following:
Explore Subjects for this study : Click to open the Subject Explorer to explore data for individual subjects.

Note : Drill down buttons are active only when the requirements for their function are met.

Use the Data Filter any report to generate a filter. Click to name and save the filter. clicking