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Adverse Event Distribution
Note : JMP Clinical is shipped with a simulated data set of 10,000 Cases. Generally, each Case represents one single event for which one single drug is listed. However, there are two single-event Cases with multiple drugs listed - one with four drugs and one with three drugs for a total of 10,005 records.
The Adverse Event Distribution section contains the following elements:
JMP Clinical determines event uniqueness based on the variables supplied for analysis such as Case ID ; the event name and classification, which could refer to MedDRA preferred terms and system organ class ; the onset date of the event; or, any variables used for stratification, such as event severity.
The total sample size represents the number of unique events. Typically, Histogram s and summary statistics are provided for event name, classification (if provided), categorical and continuous strata variables (if provided), and event location (if provided).
If an event location is provided, a Geographical Map colored by the frequency of events is provided. The map is determined based on the type of location variable provided (for example, Country versus U.S. state).
One Data Filter .
By default, it includes the event and event classification (if provided). Other analysis variables can be added.