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Distribution Details
Presents histograms for available demographic characteristics such as age, sex, race, ethnicity. Histograms of the Trial Time Windows , Study Site Identifier and Country are also presented. Should more than one Country be presented in the DM domain, a world map is presented with color indicating the count of subjects from each Country . See JMP Documentation on Distribution for more information.
The Distribution Details section contains the following elements:
The height (or length) of each bar is an indication of the number of subjects exhibiting each demographic characteristic. Numbers above (or to the right of) each bar reflect a count of the number of subjects. Counts or percents can be added or removed using Histogram Options , which can be viewed by selecting the red triangle ( ).
Quantiles and summary statistics are provided for continuous variables like Age , and frequencies are provided for categorical variables like Sex . These can be viewed by clicking the triangles ( ).
See Distribution for more information.
In lieu of a histogram, should Country have more than one level, a map summarizes the geographic location of individuals. Color is reflective of the number of subjects from each Country .
See maps for more information.