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Distribution Details (AE Distribution)
The Distribution Details tab contains the following elements:
The height (or length) of each bar is an indication of the number of events exhibiting such characteristics. Numbers above (or to the right of) each bar reflect a count of the number of events. Counts or percents can be added or removed using Histogram Options , which can be viewed by selecting the red triangle ( ).
Covariates summarized include Study Start Day , Causality , Outcome , Severity/Intensity , and Seriousness . If Count multiple occurrences of an event per subject is not checked, the event chosen is based on sorting the data by seriousness ( AESER ), severity ( AESEV or AETOXGR ), and study day ( AESTDY ). For Events Distribution or Interventions Distribution , the earliest of each event or intervention is presented.
See Distribution for more information.