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LB Shift Tables
The LB Shift Tables section is shown below.
Note : This section is generated only if the Display cross-tabulation tables of Baseline versus Trial laboratory measurement elevations box is checked on the process dialog .
It contains the following elements:
These tables contain subject counts and percentages (for each treatment group) of laboratory elevations in reference to the upper limit of normal ( LBSTNRHI ) for measurements taken at baseline versus trial summary measurements. Each table can be interpreted as a categorized representation of the shift from baseline.
Tip : You can select table cells to view the corresponding subjects and their locations in the respective shift and matched pairs plots. (See LB Shift Plots and LB Matched Pairs for more information about the tabs containing those plots.)
All tables are associated with the Local Data Filter (located on the right side). You can use this filter to subset the tables based on variable filters. You can select cells of these tables (either counts or percents) to select the corresponding rows in the data table.