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Missing Findings Volcano Plot
The Missing Findings Volcano Plot is shown below:
One Data Filter .
Enables you to subset subjects based on country of origin, study site and/or Test. Refer to Data Filter for more information.
The volcano plot is used to determine the deviation of the proportion of missing fundings results at each study site with the overall proportions for the whole study. Each point represents the results for one type of findings test at one site. Those tests/sites plotting close to 0 on both axes show little or no difference from the averages across the entire study. Those tests/sites plotting more distally show greater differences in number of missing findings from the averages.
You can mouse over points of interest to see their labels or select points by dragging a mouse rectangle over them (as shown above). Selected Findings tests are highlighted in other plots and you can also then click on various Drill Down Buttons for further analyses on those specific sites.
See Volcano Plot for more information.