Output Tab Descriptions | Clinical | Missing Test Details

Missing Test Details
The Missing Test Details tab is shown below.
Note : This tab is not shown if all subjects have nonmissing measurements taken for all Findings tests recorded.
It contains the following elements:
A Missing Tests Table.
This table displays subject counts for which Findings tests were either not reported or not recorded. For example, the number of subjects that did not have any record taken for the ALT lab test in the LB domain is displayed in this table for the ALT test row.
A Missing Tests Results Table.
This table displays subject counts for any Findings test was that was recorded, but has a missing measurement value (missing an xxSTRESN value for numeric tests or missing an xxSTRESC for categorical tests). This table differs from the Missing Tests Table in that a record was reported for the test for that subject, but the measurement value was missing.
You can select the numbers in these tables and use drill down buttons to drill down to see profiles or lists of subjects that have missing records or missing measurement values.