Output Tab Descriptions | Clinical | Tables

The Tables tab is shown below.
It contains the following elements:
One AT Test Elevation and Potential Hy’s Law Cases table.
Note : This table is shown only if at least one subject has a value of “ Yes ” for Elevated AT Tests .
This table lists subject count and percentages by treatment variable for subjects experiencing ALT or AST Elevation, or those defined as a Hy’s Law Case, or both.
A table of Counts and Percents for elevation categories for each liver test.
All tables are associated with the Local Data Filter (located on the right side). You can use this filter to subset the tables based on variable filters. You can select cells of these tables (either counts or percents) to select the corresponding rows in the data table.
Results for the various tests are sorted into rows as described in the following table::
Missing Test Result is calculated as count (and percent) of subjects who had no record of a specific test (there is no row in the lb data set for the respective LBTEST for the subject) at any day of the study, have no nonmissing measurement(s) for the recorded test ( LBSTRESN is a missing value ), or are missing the upper limit of normal reference limit ( LBSTNRHI is a missing value).
Important : The counts and percentages for Missing Test Result on this tab are calculated out of all subjects that have at least one nonmissing result for at least one of the liver lab tests. The counts shown on the Missing Lab Test Summary tab include subjects that had no record or were missing all values for all four liver lab tests.
Note : These tables are derived from the same data table that the Hy’s Law Screening , Scatterplots , and Distributions (Hy’s Law Screening) tabs are derived from, so any selections that you make are reflected across those tabs.
You can run drill downs off of table cell selections for an additional level of dynamic exploration.
One Local Data Filter .
This filter enables you to subset the tables based on variable filters.