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Treatment Comparisons
Presents comparisons between the selected Trial Time Windows are performed for age using one-way ANOVA , or Contingency Table s for sex, race, and ethnicity. If the study uses the SEND model, other variables that can be summarized include Species , Strain , Substrain , Age Range , or Pool ID . See JMP Documentation on Distribution for more information.
The Treatment Comparisons section contains the following elements:
One Oneway Analysis .
This performs a comparison of age between groups defined by Trial Time Windows . A Box Plot shows the distribution of Age for each treatment, as well as outliers, mean diamonds (which display the average for each group and the upper and lower points of the corresponding 95% confidence intervals) and the grand or overall mean for all groups. Statistical testing is displayed as Means/ANOVA/Pooled t or Means/Anova for groups with more than 2 categories. The particular test can be changed using options under the red triangle ( ).
See Oneway Platform Options and Box plots for more information.
A contingency table and associated plot presents a cross tabulation of the Trial Time Windows with Sex , Race , or Ethnicity , summarizes counts and percents for each level, and performs a test to see whether these distributions differ between groups defined by Treatment Variable to Use .
See Contingency platform for more information.
Tip : You can use the Data Filter found on the Distribution Details tab to subset the plots on the Treatment Comparisons tab based on subject demographic characteristics and treatment.