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Update Study Risk Data Set
The Update Study Risk Data Set tab contains the following elements:
One Data Table : This data table contains site-level data merged into the data taken from the study database and used to define sets of risk indicators for analysis with the Risk-Based Monitoring Report . The values shown here were generated for the Nicardipine example.
Relevant columns are listed in the following table:
CDISC SITEID variable (taken from current database)
CDISC COUNTRY variable (taken from current database).
User-entered field 1 representing the city of the site.
Use Map Geocoding Help for correct suggestions. U.S. states and territories must use 2-letter postal codes.
Note : Leave these variables blank if they are not used.
Note : Leave these variables blank if they are not used.
You can use the Add Variable drill-down to enter any number of fields for additional variables at the site-level in the Risk Based Monitoring (RBM) analysis.
Note : These variables are not assessed against any thresholds until they are added to the Risk Threshold Data Sets.

Values can be entered directly into the table in the Results window. To save any changes that you make, be sure to click the Save Study Risk Data Set drill-down button.

By default, an empty table (save for country and study site identifier) with one row per site is presented.