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Variable Summary
The table below summarizes the contents of the distributions shown on the Variable Summary tab:
Provides a list of the data sets ( ADSL and the SDTM domains) and the number of times variables contained within those data sets are used by JMP Clinical.
The number of variables that are required ( Yes ) by one or more reports,
Note : If a variable does not exist, it is not necessarily declared Missing , because some other variable might have substituted for it
Note : The distributions on this tab are interactive. If you highlight one bar in any distribution, the all of the other bars in all of the distribution might also be highlighted, depending on whether they contain one or more variables represented by the first bar. The relative proportion each subsequent bar is highlighted is dependent on the number of affected variables that it contains. Moreover, the corresponding rows in the master data table above are highlighted. You can generate a subset of the master data table, by double-clicking on the highlighted bar.
You can view data table upon which all of the distributions are based by clicking View Data .