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Variability Estimates (AE Severity ANOVA)
The Variability Estimates section contains the results of a distribution and multivariate analysis for each sample.
These show the distributions of each of the variance component estimates from the fitted ANOVA models, including quantiles and summary statistics. You can see which variance components are explaining the most variability across Findings (or adverse event ) tests. RSquare is an approximation to the proportion of variability explained by the model . The quantiles can be useful when conducting a power and sample size exercise, as they provide values to use when running the Mixed Model Power process.
See Distribution for more information.
Multivariate Analysis.
These plots provide a multivariate analysis of the variance component estimates, including their correlations and a scatterplot matrix. These reveal interrelationships between the components and how they compete to explain variability.
See Scatterplot Matrix for more information.