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Other Distribution Results
All distributions ( AE Distribution , Events Distribution , Interventions Distribution , and Findings Distribution ) also include a set of distributions of relevant results variables in the report.
For the Findings Distribution report, these distributions are the initial view. The findings calculations follow the same workflow as described by the events computation, but are simpler because no percent calculations are performed. Most of the analyses are derived using the JMP reports.
Findings Distributions Results
The Findings Distribution report might contain the following results:
Distributions : Contains distributions of parameters from the specified Findings domain.
Count Plots : Contains graphs for each test to display measurement counts within categories of the Reference Range Indicator variable. This tab is displayed only if the xxNRIND variable is present in the Findings domain data (typically the LB domain).
Test Results : Contains One-way Analyses ( ANOVA ) for each test that has numeric measurement results ( xxSTRESN values), Contingency Analyses for each Findings test that has character results ( xxSTRESC values but missing xxSTRESN values), or both.
Missing Test Details : Contains tables displaying subject counts for tests that were either not recorded, or that were recorded but have missing measurement values (of xxSTRESN and/or xxSTRESC ). If all subjects had nonmissing recorded test measurements for all tests, this tab is not shown.
The Distribution tab is shown above. The other three tabs are shown below:
Count Plots: This plot shows counts of records from the Findings domain by Study Visits. The xxNRIND and either the VISIT or VISITNUM variables are required in the domain in order to produce these plots.
Test Results: This report section displays either an ANOVA (numeric tests) or a Contingency analysis (character findings) comparing findings measurement values across treatment or comparison variable for each test in the domain. In the example setting, there are no character test findings, so the contingency analysis is not shown here.
Missing Test Details ; This tab tracks both missing tests and test records that contain missing values .
On this tab, there are possibly two tables that can be reported to track these types of missing test details.
This table displays subject counts for which Findings tests were either not reported or not recorded. For example, the number of subjects that did not have any record taken for the ALT lab test in the LB domain is displayed in this table for the ALT test row.
This table displays subject counts for any Findings test was that was recorded, but has a missing measurement value (missing an xxSTRESN value for numeric tests or missing an xxSTRESC for categorical tests). This table differs from the Missing Tests Table in that a record was reported for the test for that subject, but the measurement value was missing.
You can select the numbers in these tables and use drill down buttons to drill down to see profiles or lists of subjects that have missing records or missing measurement values. The Nicardipine results of counts of subjects that did not have the tests recorded is shown.